Get FULL Access to My Team Building Course With Templates, Downloads, Manuals, and Entire Video Training On Creating Systems and Automation Within Your Practice
Get FULL Access to My Team Building Course With Templates, Downloads, Manuals, and Entire Video Training On Creating Systems and Automation Within Your Practice
(Register Midnight Tonight and Get All The Bonuses You Saw on the Webinar)
(Register by MIDNIGHT Tonight and Get All The Bonuses You Saw on the Webinar)
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Sign Up Today and Get these 4 Bonuses- TONIGHT ONLY:
Get My Entire Office Manual, Front Office Task Sheets, And More
All my Team Training Templates- Hiring Templates, Performance Reviews, Termination Templates, Etc. 
Video Training for Creating Team systems 
Mastering the Phones training for your team
Dental Team Building Course™
Dental Team Building Course™
Module #1
Module #1
Module 1
Hiring and Creating Your Team
How to Hire Superstars -Learn the exact interview and evaluation method to hire the best possible people that will be trainable on your team. 
Achieving Monthly Revenue Goals- Setup a tiered revenue system in your practice to achieve monthly revenue goals with the entire team. 
How to Terminate and Refresh Your Team- Get in-depth training on how to start over and refresh those people on your team to get that NEW energy back into your practice. 
Learn How To Setup An Organizational Team Structure- You'll learn how to apply an overall structure to your team that assigns roles and creates organization from the random chaos.  
Module #2
Module #2
Module 2
How to Setup To GROW
Hiring an Associate and Liberating Yourself- Learn how to hire and train an associate dentist so you can pull away from the practice while still generating revenue. 
How to Pay Associates and Specialists- Learn the formula to pay your associate or specialist. You can duplicate and scale this to any other associates/specialists you hire. 
How to Hire and Pay Your Hygienist-  Learn how compensate your hygiene department so you can create profitability and motivation.  
How to Create a Profitable Hygiene System- Give your hygiene team the exact strategies to do better care while creating more profitability through effective co-diagosing. 
Module #3
Module #3
Module 3
Team Systems and Automation
Front Office Flow and Systems-  Learn ways to optimize and create a "flow" to your front office. 
Back office Flow and Systems- Learn ways to optimize and create a "flow" to your back office. 
How to Manage and Reduce Overhead- Learn the tactics and strategies to understand where you expenses are draining out of your office and then setup benchmarks to reduce those. 
10 Keys to Mastering The Phones- Have you're team watch this video to show them EXACTLY HOW to answer phone calls in your practice. They will love this one! 
Module #4
Module #4
Module 4
Effective Office Meetings
Learn the Keys to Hold Effective Office Meetings- You'll get a training on exactly what you should talk about and do in an office meeting. 
Team Leadership Practices- Learn how to condition your team so you're creating a leadership culture within your practice.
Ongoing Monthly Conditioning Training
Ongoing Monthly Conditioning Training
Monthly Video + Worksheets
Get One Training Every Month
Get One Video Training Every Month- You'll get a brand new video training every month for your team. This will be uploaded and stored in your member's portal. The topics will be strategically sequenced as the months go.
Get Worksheets For Your Office- Each month I will upload the worksheets and materials to your private member's portal so you know what to focus on every month with your team. 
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Register for the Online Course Below:
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1. Immediate Online Access to the Dental Team Building Course™ (this is Dr. Ganatra's online course).

2. After the 4 module course, you will have lifetime access to all the training materials, videos, and members portal inside the course. 

3. After the 4 weeks- You'll Get Access to The Monthly Conditioning Training. This is specifically for us to help train/condition your team. This includes one online video + worksheets that are uploaded to your member's portal every month to keep your team conditioned for optimal performance. 

4. All Bonuses On This Page Above
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After the Course You'll Get the Monthly Team Training: After 4 weeks of this course you will begin to receive your monthly training video series for you and your entire team. Each month a brand new training will be emailed to you along with worksheets, downloads, and instructions for your entire team. The monthly portion is $97/month. You’ll love this part. If you don’t, of course you can cancel this monthly portion at anytime.

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